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Motorcycles are, by their definition, single-track (although they may also have a sidecar), two-wheeled vehicles, which are characterized by a lower power-to-weight ratio than a car. The engine power needs to accelerate less mass and the vehicle has a lower rolling resistance. You could now continue, by distinguishing between motorcycles, scooters and bicycles with an auxiliary engine. But this does not even touch the incredible feeling of freedom, every motor cycle fan gets riding on his vintage two-wheeler. Along a coastal road, a winding path through wooded territory ... the possibilities to enjoy nostalgic moments are unlimited.

Vintage motorcycles – high valued collectors’ pieces

Opinions on what can and cannot be considered vintage motorcycles drift somewhat apart. Overall, however, having an age of at least 20 years is enough to rank it into vintage motorcycles. The purchase of a vintage motorcycle is often very expensive, as – similar to vintage cars – the popularity among collectors has increased sharply. And well-preserved vintage motorcycles are real rarities. Particularly popular brands are Triumph and Harley Davidson, old Harleys especially scoring record sums. However other brands that are still common today, such as Yamaha, Ducati or Honda, are also sought-after collectibles.

So, if you decide to buy a vintage motorcycle, you should inform yourself and get advice beforehand. In the event of bigger investment, it is advisable to let an expert create a detailed state assessment. This not only protects you from miss purchases, but also allows you to get a value appropriate insurance policy for your classic. In addition, the expert helps you to better foresee the follow-up costs for repairs and restoration.

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