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Our partner FIVA, the World Classic Car Association, offers us a factual definition of a historic vehicle: it must be at least 30 years old (15 years for, preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition and not used as a daily means of transport. This definition allows us to exclude old, poorly maintained cars, which are driven until they fall apart. Of course, for all of us who own a historic vehicle, it's a lot more - it's part of our technical and cultural heritage and often an object of desire in itself. Owners of a historic vehicle preserve the heritage of this highly-esteemed cultural asset. They not only provide themselves, but also many astonished passers-by, with incomparable pleasure, when they proudly show their vehicle in public.

The agony of choice

As young as the automotive history is, it has already produced so much variety: we can distinguish between the individual vehicle types in terms of their use, between the many excellent brands with their - at least formerly - very characteristic designs and much more: The car alone shows an enormous variety: sedan, station wagon, coupe, convertible, three- or five-door, diesel or gasoline, sports or SUVs ... We all still remember the popular car playing cards from our childhood, which introduced us in a playful way to the world of mobility and seduced us forever.

Our focus is on historic vehicles, which somewhat limits the automotive universe. Nevertheless, there is a lot of knowledge and experience to be gained - for beginners, enthusiasts and owners!


By a motor vehicle, one understands a land vehicle that is driven and not guided by rails. Passenger vehicles have at least 4 wheels and are more


Motorcycles are, by their definition, single-track (although they may also have a sidecar), two-wheeled vehicles, which are characterized by a lower power-to-weight ratio than a car. The engine power needs to accelerate less mass more


These are not necessities, but nice-to-have. They beautify and customise the look of an automobile and offer a lifestyle not to be more

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