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ONLY THE BEST STRONG PARTNERSHIPS FOR A STRONG CLASSICS NETWORK was able to recruit the best partners for a classics network from the very beginning. This combined expertise forms the foundation of the worldwide classic vehicle marketplace for services and spare parts:

FIVA - Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens is the exclusive and international eCommerce partner of FIVA, the world historic vehicle association with member organizations in over 62 countries. Founded in 1966, it currently represents over 1.5 million historic vehicle enthusiasts worldwide. Member counts are growing just like the market for classic vehicles.

FIVA identifies suitable automotive member associations in each country, that are then awarded the so-called ANF status (Autorité Nationale de la FIVA). One of the youngest member associations is the CVUC - Classic Vehicle Union of China, which means that the most important automotive market has representation from FIVA.

Further information about FIVA can be found here:


ADAC - General German Automobile Club e.V.

The “General German Automobile Club” was created in 1903. With its 20 million members, ADAC counts as Europe’s largest special interest group. Many vintage car owners in Germany are members of ADAC. Therefore, ADAC also represents the interests of classic and historic vehicle owners in dealings with authorities, legislators and various institutions. Thus, ADAC makes a significant contribution to the conservation of the important cultural heritage of classic cars.

Since 18 July 2008, ADAC has the status of FIVA’s national representation in Germany. Another great argument for the importance of ADAC as a partner of

Further information about the special commitment from ADAC to the cultural heritage of Classic Vehicles:



Paint expert with 130 years of experience (going back to the beginnings of the automobile in 1888, when Berta Benz made the world's first overland trip in a car with a combustion engine) offers search for qualified paint shops.

In classic car restoration, everything depends on the exact color shade. In 130 years of automotive history, the world's largest color database has been compiled with 250,000 colors and 600,000 mixing formulas. For many manufacturers, the color history was documented almost completely.  Whether or not a color solution is already available for a vintage car can be found in the Color Online database.

Glasurit also provides car paint instructions for your vintage car as download.



With Classic Data, has beome the market leader in the valuation of classic vehicles as another important partner. Classic Data has been working autonomously, independently and impartially for over 30 years as a valuer of vintage cars, modern classic cars and classics. With its Bochum headquarters and highly qualified employees, the well in excess of 400 expert partners nationwide and 7 expert offices throughout Europe, we have concentrated valuation expertise in the field of classic cars on hand.

An important information base for all classic car enthusiasts, offering the databases led by Classic Data classic cars themselves. The auction database and the extensive literature archive with a large number of vehicle catalogues, specialist journals and historical assessment documents are kept here.

More information about Classic Data can be found here:



Gapless helps you manage your classic vehicles, maintain and increase their value. With Gapless, you always have an overview of all appointments and you can easily show invoices and other documents on your smartphone or laptop.

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